Motor controller 2.0 bus bars nearly done

After nearly 700 machining operations the bus bars are almost finished for the new motor controller. Here’s a shot of the adhesive curing before we add the potting and temperature sensors.


New motor controller bus bars are nearly finished

New bus bars for the bug are nearly through the design phase. We will be manufacturing them next week.



Dan tests the clamping circuit

Dans new igbt driver boards are working as expected, clamping down the high voltage inductive kick that is generated from the bussbars.



Buss bars take shape


upgraded switch box

switch box In an effort to improve the safety and reliability of the vehicle we  are moving the high current contactors and fuses into the battery box. Thanks to Stephan for working out the packaging.

Measurement Computing Software Sponsorship

Thanks very much to Measurement computing for supporting us with copies of TracerDAQ Pro! This upgraded software will allow us to capture more data and modify the parameters of our data acquisition on the fly. For more information on their data acquisition products check them out at


First run video from Mission Raceway

Here’s the video we took of our first run at Mission Raceway in August. Accelleration was set very low to prevent damage to our new motor controller. We’re looking forward to getting some dyno testing in and getting back to the track soon.

Elektra is Certified








Elektra has been certified! The car is now road-legal and insurable! She also has cool bumpers now.

Thank you to Mission Automotive for being accommodating and helping us meet the legal requirements. As well, thank you to We Do Recover towing for safely transporting our vehicle.

Tesla Visit the ECC






We have a brief visit with Tesla recruiters during their September 2013 tour of UBC. It was good fun discussing Elektra; they were as excited for the future of the club as we are.

Accounting and Marketing Job Postings

The UBC Electric Car Club is looking for 2 new members to join our executive team! We are looking for:

- A treasurer

- A marketing director

These positions offer excellent real-world experience and an opportunity to help drive sustainable technology on campus.

See the job descriptions below for details.

For more information, contact

Job Posting for Treasurer – Sept 2013

Job Posting for Marketing Director – Sept 2013