The 2 Most Important Components Of A Record Player: The Stylus And Tonearm

Pro Ject Record PlayerTo start with, let’s take a look at the stylus. The stylus is the needle that has a sharp tip. This tip is lowered onto the grooves of a record in order to ‘play’ the music in it. Tips are usually coated with a tiny diamond substance. Despite that, wear and tear is common on the stylus so make sure you’re gentle with it. Next, you have the cartridge. A record player cartridge holds the stylus in place, but also converts the signal retrieved into an audio form, which is then amplified by the subsequent components. The cartridge is easily one of the most important parts of a record player and without a decent cartridge, your music quality will suffer.

Other than that, we have the tonearm. You might have guessed what the tonearm is from what it’s called. The tonearm is essentially a protruding ‘arm’ that hovers over the platter. The cartridge is attached to this tonearm. The significance of the tonearm is that it controls the pressure that the stylus exerts over the record album. If the pressure is too high, your record could potentially be damaged. If the pressure isn’t consistent, you will experience skips in the music as you listen to it.